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Open Floorplans

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Custom Home Designs


If you wish to develop or expand your property, the construction process can be daunting. Experience, knowledge and resources are the keys to the successful completion of any project. Formspace is a full service design-build company with over 25 years of experience offering you these services. Our goal is to provide design documentation for a building that reflects your unique expression in function and aesthetics while working within various constraints. Because budget is typically a primary concern for most of our clients, we implement the use of clear and concise contract documentation that details relevant scope making maximum use of project resources while protecting investments. Our years of extensive practical experience with project management and construction law gave us the opportunity to create the best system that obtains maximum results and value while maintaining total control.

From Concept to Completion

Product 3

Inspirational Architecture


Whether you are expanding or starting fresh, a commercial building reflects your passion for your business. Formspace has over 25 years of considerable expertise in construction management experience to assist you with design/build services for an efficiently built, beautifully designed and economical structure. We have many services to assist you including, consultation, design, engineering, land and quantity surveying, resourcing, estimating and coordinating. We also offer detailed, accurate models and 3d rendering using the latest state of the art technology so that you can see your structure before it is built.

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